There’s a number of ways to save trees. Trees are crucial to our environmental system and need to be taken care of as much as possible. They come with an unlimited number of benefits to our world.

If we try to save trees, our air will remain clean of impurities. Trees absorb carbon dioxide, pollutants, sulphur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide, allowing us to breathe clean oxygen. A mature tree will produce as much oxygen for 10 people in one year.

There are many benefits we can gain if we try to save trees. They provide us with noise barriers and create shade to cool the hot weather. Places can get up to 6 degrees hotter when there are no trees to block the sun. In the winter, they block the cold force of wind.

With many trees not only planted on lawns and in parks, many along the sidewalks make it even more important to try and save trees. Even though trees are so beneficial to our environment, they can sometimes disrupt man-made areas. When planted along sidewalk, tree roots often grow so strong that they push through the concrete, breaking or lifting the walkway. What’s usually done is someone trims the tree roots, which is not a good way to save trees, because eventually the tree will die.

To save trees, new ways need to be explored rather than slowly killing trees. Though it can become costly to reconstruct a new sidewalk, installing TripStop™ during construction will make it more cost effective. Acting as a joint that is embedded into the concrete it will allow for cement to be more forgiving to growing tree roots, and move with them rather than break. TripStop™ would mean that trees can continue to live along our sidewalks and benefit us and our ecosystem.