Figuring out how to make concrete sidewalks is part of the battle, the other part is how to ensure it will last over time. Though sidewalks can last 30-40 years in cold climates and 75-100 years in warm climates, that doesn’t factor in damage caused by expanding tree roots and soil movement.

When it comes to how to make concrete sidewalks, the first thing to do is remove designated parts of the ground and mark where new concrete will be poured in with forms. The area to be poured is dug up to make room for the sidewalk. Next, the concrete is poured in, evenly distributed and molded to it’s final shape. After a couple of days and when the concrete is completely dry and hardened, the forms are removed from the sidewalk and construction is complete.

There are many reasons why a sidewalk cracks or breaks. Often, it’s because of expanding tree roots and soil movement. Though these problems aren’t avoidable, they are preventable.

Try adding a new step by adding a joint called TripStop™ that provides maintenance free sidewalk can be put in place prior to pouring the concrete. Instead of the sidewalk breaking or cracking from the cement will in turn move much more easily.

Tripstop helps t0 eliminate future sidewalk repairs that are costly, damaging to the environment and highly inconvenient. It also removes any trip and safety hazards that occur when regular sidewalk lifts and cracks. If the whole sidewalk needs to be replaced, use to obtain maintenance free sidewalk.