What is TripStop?

  • TripStop is a rigid PVC profile that is used to form transverse joints in concrete sidewalks, bike paths, crossovers and driveways.
  • TripStop prevents trip hazards created from misaligned or displaced pedestrian walkways.
  • Another benefit that TripStop provides, it moves dynamically with tree roots ensuring sidewalk integrity and protecting trees from the extreme step of root trimming.

Why Use TripStop?

  • Municipalities, Engineers and the Private sector use TripStop to create maintenance free footpaths and cycleways.
  • TripStop turns an ever increasing maintenance and replacement backlog into an ever decreasing one.
  • Use TripStop in all new and replacement footpaths to eliminate all future maintenance and replacement caused by Tree Root Invasion or Soil Movement.

Why Municipalities and the Private Sector use TripStop?

  • Eliminate Costly Maintenance
  • Eliminate Trip Hazards
  • Eliminate Grinding & Ramping
  • No Interruption to Services
  • Reduced Legal Costs
  • Reduced CO2 Footprint

TripStop VS Mesh Reinforced Concrete

The results may surprise you

TripStop has been put through its paces against mesh reinforced concrete. Our results show just how much trouble mesh can cause.

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