TripStop X Profile

The TripStop X Series is the original double hinge joint which allows sidewalk slabs to move uniformly with tree root growth, soil movement and thermal expansion without creating a trip hazard. The service life of the sidewalk is extended, resulting in less waste from construction activity and fewer greenhouse gas emissions from concrete production and service vehicles. TripStop is the long-term solution for city sidewalk maintenance. It is a preventative strategy whenever dangerous sidewalks need to be replaced; it minimizes tripping injuries and potential legal liability. TripStop is an environmentally green product that is recyclable and preserves urban trees.

The TripStop 5 inch profile was the pioneer for TripStop, being the first profile created and successfully tested under laboratory conditions.

Their light construction often means that these paths are more susceptible to being damaged by vehicles.

6 inch TripStop is our most popular size for new work.

TripStop 6 inch offers the greatest economy and longevity in new concrete paths and is less likely to crack when vehicles drive over them.