TripStop is easy to install

TripStop can be installed by anyone who can lay concrete. You can even screed off TripStop.

In most cases, it takes less time to install a piece of TripStop than it does to do a dummy joint. Its far quicker than installing a Dowel and easier than any expansion joint. No flimsy metal or plastic Key joints and no painful Inserter Bars that require cleaning are used installing TripStop.

TripStop Must:

  • Be installed strictly to guidelines provided by TripStop.
  • Not be installed out of tolerance TripStop or it will void your warranty.
  • Run the full depth with no more than a little slurry under the joint, full width of the slab and must finish flush with the surface of the finished concrete. (We suggest not to edge the joint).
  • Have up to .2 inches clearance at each end of the TripStop to allow for an edging tool to be passed without interruption.
  • Be installed to within +/- .2 inches or 5 degrees of vertical as illustrated.
  • When installed in straight sections of pavements, be installed to ± 1.2 inches per foot of width from a right angle to the length of the pavement.
  • In curved pavements install the TripStops radially to the curve. They should be installed to ± 1.2 inches per foot from the radial line.