One of the methods to save the trees and help global warming is to extend the lifespan of construction projects. By using construction practices that require less maintenance and reconstruction, less stress is placed on the environment.

Let’s consider sidewalk construction practices that can save the trees and help global warming. Both trees and sidewalks are essential components to any planned community. Trees help clean our air, improve the quality of our water, and provide shade that saves on our energy bills. Sidewalks ensure the safety of our pedestrians, keeping them off of busy streets.

Tree roots often expand well beyond the area where they were originally planted. In some instances, the roots will grow underneath existing sidewals. Aggressive tree root growth will cause sidewalks to become uneven, creating potentially unsafe conditions for pedestrians both on foot and in wheelchairs or strollers. Sidewalks then need to be repaired or rebuilt. Regular construction puts a great deal of stress on the trees, and eventually they will die out.

Clearly a sidewalk solution is needed that will save the trees and help global warming. TripStop™ is that product. Tripstop™ provides a ‘knee joint’ between sidewalk panels. This allows the sidewalk to dynamically move. Any time a sidewalk panel shifts, the adjacent panel will move as well, ensuring that trip hazards are eliminated.

TripStop™ will save the trees and help global warming as the sidewalk will not need repair or replacement. The trees are left alone and allowed to grow into beautiful mature trees.

The environment also benefits greatly from the reduced construction. According to the California Air Resources Board, non-road engines such as construction equipment emitted 220 million tons of carbon dioxide in 2007. This amount is equivalent to the amount produced by 40 million cars. Any construction practice that reduces maintenance and reconstruction will help save the trees and help global warming. Even if TripStop™ eliminates just one anticipated sidewalk replacement, it represents a savings of thousands of dollars and immeasurable benefits to the environment.

For maximum benefit, TripStop™ should be used during initial sidewalk construction to save the trees and help global warming.