Since trees provide an unlimited number of benefits in our everyday lives, finding new ways to save trees is key to ensure we continue to preserve them. Not only do they provide us with green space, paper, medicines, food, shelter and oxygen, but they have countless other uses.

Although it’s sometimes difficult to find ways to save trees, we do need to protect and care for to keep them and our lives healthy. In our constantly growing world, our ecosystem can sometimes get in the way of everyday life. This would include having to build around trees, trimming branches that lean on homes which present a safety issue.

Many of the things our society has gotten into do not consider ways to save trees. If something needs to be built, the trees are often removed. If sidewalks need to be repaired, the tree’s roots are cut in order to fix the sidewalk. Because tree roots are strong and grow pretty much anywhere they choose, they often push right into a sidewalk, causing cement to break and lift, which poses a trip hazard. Though this solves one major issue, it presents another just as big.

Among the ways to save trees, cutting their roots isn’t one of them. The tree can only regrow it’s roots and survive repeated cuttings for so long, and eventually it will die.

There is one method that can be added to a list of ways to save trees, and that’s TripStop™. This product is a joint that is installed during construction that allows sidewalks to move freely as tree roots push through it. With TripStop™, tree roots don’t need to be cut and can therefore continue to enrich our everyday lives. The list of issues with ways to save trees is still long, but one can be crossed off when repairing sidewalks by using TripStop™.