Along with the many benefits of installing TripStop™, there is an impressive return on investment (ROI) after it’s installed. TripStop™ eliminates the cost of removing and replacing a tree after the tree roots have disrupted the sidewalk, therefore providing a high ROI.

The need to remove and replace sidewalks or a tree is costly. Often, tree roots expand and begin to break and lift sidewalks. This not only creates high maintenance costs but affects safety for anyone who travels on it. With TripStop™ joints installed, sidewalk will move more freely as the tree roots expand.

If the sidewalk is able to move with the tree roots rather than against them, it eliminates the need for costly reconstruction, therefore improving ROI.

The average cost of installing TripStop™ per tree site is $175 (5 pieces at $35/piece). The typical cost of removal and replacement per tree site is $25/sf for 100sf = $2,500. Already there is a large cost difference in maintenance. This number only continues to improve because there are little to no maintenance costs after installing TripStop™. which greatly reduces Future costs decrease and ROI is greatly improved. To calculate ROI, use the formula (savings-cost of investment/cost of investment).

If Tripstop™ saves even just one sidewalk from having to be replaced, then it will still save thousands of dollars spent on sidewalk maintenance in the future, allowing for a much greater ROI. TripStop™ will also improve safety issues and trip hazards because sidewalk won’t break over time, but rather raise evenly.

Provide an Impressive ROI

If TripStop™ eliminates only one anticipated replacement in the life cycle of a sidewalk, then it will have been a wise investment saving thousands of future maintenance dollars.

Typical Cost of TripStop™ Installation per Tree Site: $175 (5 pcs @ $35/pce)

Removal & Replacement Cost per Tree Site: $25/sf for 100sf = $2,500
ROI: Avoid One R & R = 1,328%*
ROI: Avoid Two R & Rs = 2,608%*

Have you conducted a cost Benefit Analysis [measured the cost v benefit] of TripStop™?

One Canadian council using TripStop™ for well over 3 years has estimated a $10 payback within two to ten years for each $1 invested in TripStop™ when replacing slabs adjacent to trees with a history of aggressive tree root behavior.ROI: Avoid Three R & Rs = 4,185%* * (Savings-Cost/Cost)