Sidewalk Danger

Although sidewalk danger doesn't seem like a big issue, tripping, cycling or falling on a broken down sidewalk can be dangerous. Over time sidewalks need maintenance to prevent accidents. This can include re-paving, installing joints to allow for more movement or trimming tree roots to limit growth into the sidewalk. Factors contributing to sidewalk danger [...]

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Sidewalk Grinding

Sidewalk grinding is one effective, yet temporary way to maintain a safe sidewalk. A more permanent and inexpensive way is to construct or reconstruct the sidewalk with joints in the concrete, which over time is preventative for trip hazards. Misaligned sidewalks create trip hazards that can be corrected by sidewalk grinding or by installing joints. [...]

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Ways to Save Trees

Since trees provide an unlimited number of benefits in our everyday lives, finding new ways to save trees is key to ensure we continue to preserve them. Not only do they provide us with green space, paper, medicines, food, shelter and oxygen, but they have countless other uses. Although it's sometimes difficult to find ways [...]

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ADA Trip Hazard

Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), trip hazards are defined as a change in any vertical level over 1/4". For people with disabilities, trip hazards are a serious issue. Getting around each day is already challenging, so the ADA was introduced in 1991. ADA trip hazard specifications apply to all federal, state, county and [...]

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