Safer SidewalksTripStop's flexible sidewalk joint creates safer sidewalks by eliminating trip hazards and reducing personal injuries and legal liability. TripStop's articulating sidewalk joint system eliminates trip hazards greater than 1/4 inch or 6 mm as defined by the ADA – Americans With Disabilities Act. TripStop™ promotes safer sidewalks for pedestrians to walk on, it enables safer 'bump free'rides for wheelchairs, walkers, cyclists and senior citizens.


Sidewalk Safety

Install TripStop™ at each sidewalk joint that extends just beyond the tree canopy's drip line. This will ensure that the impact of the tree's root system can be spread over a series of connected panels, resulting in safer sidewalks because of a more gradual sidewalk movement.

In the United States homeowners are obliged to maintain any sidewalk that lines their property. This responsibility can be especially costly for sidewalks lined with trees.

TripStop™ is the long-term cure for ailing sidewalks. The roots from mature trees on property adjacent to sidewalks can create a trip hazard that can cause personal injury and potential legal liability.


Sidewalk SafetyTripStop™ decreases future sidewalk replacement, lessening the burden of landfill dumping and construction activity on the environment. The installation of TripStop™ sidewalk joints reduces or eliminates future sidewalk replacement and maintains safer sidewalks. This means less impact on the environment because it cuts down on the removal and disposal of construction debris and the air pollution generated from vehicles involved in the construction activity.


Sidewalk SafetyTripStop™ joints allow sidewalks to interact safely and naturally with mature trees adjacent to sidewalks, helping to preserve and extend the life of the tree. TripStop™ not only promotes the preservation of valuable trees and more beautiful neighborhoods, but safer sidewalks.

Sidewalk Safety

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